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Personal & Group Training with DNA-Movement

Dave and Anne both offer their expertise as personal trainers and small group instructors, appealing to a wide range of individuals from those simply driven to improve their level of health and fitness to high level or aspiring to be high level athletes. Their knowledge and experience gained as highly successful athletes in a range of sports is second to none whilst their personable fun loving natures ensure a quality experience to all they work with.

With fundamental movement and the development of a well-rounded foundation at the core of their approach, workouts are tailored to suit the individuals’ goals and to optimize overall athleticism.  Workouts are maximized through bodyweight and minimal equipment training including plyometric work,  dynamic, multidirectional and speed and agility and mobility training with correct form and healthy efficient movement a priority.

Training from your home, whether it utilizing some indoor space in your basement, spare room or garage or the outdoor environment you have onsite or within your locality sound like an appealing way to go about getting your workouts in? Exactly what DNA can offer you! Let DNA’s approach work for you and help you achieve your goals no matter where you train.

“As a collegiate athlete, Dave helped me get prepared for my upcoming season by pushing me and being enthusiastic during each workout. He was inspiring and fun to train with. I wish he was still in New York so I could continue to train with him.”

Samantha Revera

College Field Hockey Player

“Having you as my trainer was  absolutely amazing and a blessing. Not many people like going to the gym and before meeting you I would fit into that category. During our workouts we would talk about real life stuff on a personal level and make our conversations more than about gym talk. Every time we would train it was like I was hanging out with my big brother. You helped me realize that if I wanted to lose all of my weight than I would have to know the advantages and disadvantages of eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. It wasn’t just about the gym, it was about changing my mindset. Many people can go to the gym and lose weight, but if you never fix the little voice inside your head you can never truly fix yourself. Over the course of my life I have had many trainers and on day one I knew that you were going to be the man that helped change my life.  With your help I have lost over 100 pounds and have kept all the weight off.”

Dennis Shumar

“Dave and Anne’s philosophy of “whole body” fitness has spurred and motivated me to reevaluate my training and to incorporate many of their workouts and recovery techniques into my own training.  Thanks to their advice and leadership, I have expanded my training horizons and found different ways to work my body.  This has made me a better athlete and runner and I have found different ways to keep my training fun and entertaining.
Dave’s training sessions are always a blast and not intimidating.  Dave helped me to realize that, even though I might be able to run, my upper body strength needed some help and, thanks to his workouts, I found ways to improve it in a fun way and without always using free weights.  Many of his workouts have also given me ways to improve my flexibility without loosing power or strength.
On a personal note, I truly enjoy working with both Dave and Anne in any capacity.  Because of their experience, I always feel like I am talking to someone who has researched and experienced what they teach.  Their personalities are fun and they have always made me feel at ease, even when they were pushing me out of my comfort zone.”
Francesca Conte

Elite Ultra-marathon runner

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