Personal, Group Training and Programs & Consultations

Personal & Group Training

Dave and Anne both offer their expertise as personal trainers and small group instructors, appealing to a wide range of individuals from those simply driven to improve their level of health and fitness to high level or aspiring to be high level athletes. Their knowledge and experience gained as highly successful athletes in a range of sports is second to none whilst their personable fun loving natures ensure a quality experience to all they work with.

With fundamental movement and the development of a well-rounded foundation at the core of their approach, workouts are tailored to suit the individuals’ goals and to optimize overall athleticism.  Workouts are maximized through bodyweight and minimal equipment training including plyometric work,  dynamic, multidirectional and speed and agility and mobility training with correct form and healthy efficient movement a priority.

Training from your home, whether it utilizing some indoor space in your basement, spare room or garage or the outdoor environment you have onsite or within your locality sound like an appealing way to go about getting your workouts in? Exactly what DNA can offer you! Let DNA’s approach work for you and help you achieve your goals no matter where you train.

Or are you inspired to work your hardest within a top class training facility? DNA Movement are offering afternoon / evening and weekend sessions within IronWolf Training facility in Charlottesville. Check out the calendar for regular classes or get in touch to set up your own small group or personal training session.

Programs and Consultations

Regular personal training sessions not right for you but you want the direction and pointers to keep you on track to reaching your goals? Discover what you can do with a personalized program that Dave or Anne can design for you following an initial consultation at your home or local training venue. Add to that a bi-weekly or monthly check in to keep you working efficiently and effectively in the right direction!

Also check out our YouTube channel for video workouts, tutorials and other fun stuff!…

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