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DNA-Movement Jumping Rope!…

So it seems like I’ve found a new hobby that I’m absolutely obsessed with – JUMPING ROPE!!! For a long time I’ve viewed the jump rope as a tool used to supplement workouts. I’d use it for warmups and cool downs, as intervals within a... read more

New Home and New Headquarters for DNA Movement…

So here we are! Recently purchasing a new home, a new headquarters for DNA Movement and now starting the process of creating something special!…. A process that started back on February 5th (we remember that as it was Dave’s Birthday and a last minute... read more

Better Movement for Local Mountain Bikers!

Better movement on and off the bike!… This past Sunday we had the pleasure of working with a local Ladies Mountain Bike group, who were hosting a beginner riders clinic. Our role in the event was to provide the riders with a warm up before they continued on for... read more

How is your recovery?..

What are you doing when you are not training? Are you appreciating your recovery needs enough? For so many of us, the time we take to train is the ‘only’ time of the day we get to ourselves. Busy schedules, family commitments, other interests etc. take up... read more

Inspirational thoughts…

Move and Inspire! The other day a text conversation I had been having ended with ‘you guys are my heroes’! Wow, I thought that was just such a nice thing to say especially coming from someone who I have really been inspired by, it meant so much. Then the... read more

Be Strong to be Helpful!

The other day I experienced a “first” in my personal training career: I trained my mother! To some this might not seem like any big deal, but to others (and those who are will know exactly what I’m talking about), it was a very big deal indeed. You... read more

Mindful Movement… Movement is the Antidote!

MovNat forms the foundation for a lot of what we do with our personal training clients and group sessions. Both Anne and I are certified MovNat trainers, and along with other approaches believe a lot in MovNat’s method’s, theories and practices. As we preach to our clients, natural human movement is of the utmost importance to everyone, not only athletes or those that ‘work out’ on a regular basis. How we move has implications far beyond how much weight we can lift or how fast we can run right now or in the near future. It’s about creating the opportunity for each one of us to live a long, healthier and therefore happier life.

read more

Gifts of Personal Training and Massage!..

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, are you looking to get a special gift for that someone special in your life? What better way than through treating them to a well deserved massage or personal training session or package of either or both! Lets face it,... read more

Bodyweight Training and the Endurance Athlete…

Strength training for endurance athletes is a very heavily debated topic. Over the years, coaches have put forth different theories and practices for their athletes, some coaches going as far as to completely disregard and forbid their athletes from any cross training... read more

Movement Efficiency, Fascial Health

How massage therapy has helped me as an athlete. Movement efficiency, looking back to move forward… Firstly a few facts about fascia (to hopefully put you in the picture about what I’m talking about and where I’m going with this! And why the onion image is... read more

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