Outside the Box

Outside the Box?

You love our philosophy, but don’t live within the Charlottesville area? That’s ok! We are open to working with you.

We are available to travel to alternative locations for one-off events like a vacation with your family, corporate retreat or athletic training camp.  We can be on hand to put you through your paces and help you recover at the same time. Sound like a great idea? Get in touch!

Online Coaching with DNA-Movement

We also offer personalized online coaching sessions and plans to help keep you motivated and on track to achieving your goals, still with a high focus on quality of movement and well rounded athleticism. Contact us to discuss your goals.

“Dave’s enthusiasm and passion for fitness is contagious which helped me push myself and reach my goals. My workouts became something I looked forward to as apposed to something I had to do. Once I experienced Dave’s skills first hand I challenged him to working with my kids to work on specific strength and conditioning for their sports. Sam, Maggie and Robbie loved their workouts with Dave, most importantly always had fun at the same time as being pushed physically. Once Anne came on the scene, I immediately saw huge potential in them working as a team. I only wish we had the opportunity to continue training with them both here in New York.”

Rob Revera

“As an athlete that focuses on Ironman triathlon and ultra marathons, massage is an important part of my recovery. Anne’s massages have played a major role in my ability to endure the long training blocks, helping me recover quickly from hard sessions. A weekly massage with Anne is an important part of my routine, and the race results have shown its worth as well!!”

Alyssa Godesky

Professional Triathlete & Coach

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