Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy with DNA Movement

Anne offers sports specific and general therapeutic massage therapy. Her focus is not only the muscular system with movement in mind, but importantly the fascial system connecting the body as a whole to achieve natural elasticity, working through the ‘kinks’ enabling efficient and healthy movement. We move as a whole so we need to work with the whole for problem/pain free movement and downtime!

Working with athletes and everyday ‘movers’ to aid and promote healthy efficient movement, recover from the endeavors of training and everyday life, to restore the body and prevent injuries and pain.

Recover, Restore, Prevent, Maintain.

Whether you consider yourself an athlete or an everyday mover – Optimization and Longevity are the key! Healthy movement, mobility, general preparedness and individual mindfulness of efficient movement and general posture.

Anne can work with you in the comfort of your home and also has workspace available within Blue Ridge Family Practice, Crozet and IronWolf Training, Charlottesville.

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