Working with DNA Movement

“Anne delivers a remarkably skilled and intuitive massage.  Not only is it clear that she has a strong understanding of muscular anatomy and function, but she has “educated fingers,” and knows what she is feeling.  This guides her ability to know how to relax tension in a particular muscle, and surrounding muscle groups.  She gives a totally therapeutic massage experience with results that carry over.  The luxury of enjoying a massage in-home where one can enjoy the relaxed state after the massage is a bonus.”

“I have been using Anne’s massage service regularly for about 6 months now and consider it to be an important part of my training regimen. I have noticed a decrease in tightness and an increase in range of motion after every session. Seeing Anne regularly has allowed me to maintain a higher training and racing volume than I might have otherwise been able to sustain. I have ceased to be plagued by a constant worry about injury risk during peak phase training while also being able to significantly reduce the amount of time I have had to spend doing my own myofascial release.
Her treatments have been noticeably more therapeutic than any other therapist I have seen and far surpass any rolling I have done on my own. She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and can easily relate to clients’ concerns due to her own history as a competitive endurance athlete. She has proven to be extremely flexible with my schedule and I would recommend her to any athlete trying to improve their performance or range of motion, recover from an injury, or sustain a higher than normal training volume.”
Nick DiPirro

Elite Ultra-marathon runner

“Dave and Anne’s philosophy of “whole body” fitness has spurred and motivated me to reevaluate my training and to incorporate many of their workouts and recovery techniques into my own training.  Thanks to their advice and leadership, I have expanded my training horizons and found different ways to work my body.  This has made me a better athlete and runner and I have found different ways to keep my training fun and entertaining.
Dave’s training sessions are always a blast and not intimidating.  Dave helped me to realize that, even though I might be able to run, my upper body strength needed some help and, thanks to his workouts, I found ways to improve it in a fun way and without always using free weights.  Many of his workouts have also given me ways to improve my flexibility without loosing power or strength.
Anne is the best massage therapist I have ever come across.  She has extensive knowledge of what an athlete needs and I have found her sessions extremely helpful for my recovery.
On a personal note, I truly enjoy working with both Dave and Anne in any capacity.  Because of their experience, I always feel like I am talking to someone who has researched and experienced what they teach.  Their personalities are fun and they have always made me feel at ease, even when they were pushing me out of my comfort zone.”
Francesca Conte

Elite Ultra-marathon runner

“As an athlete that focuses on Ironman triathlon and ultra marathons, massage is an important part of my recovery. Anne’s massages have played a major role in my ability to endure the long training blocks, helping me recover quickly from hard sessions. A weekly massage with Anne is an important part of my routine, and the race results have shown its worth as well!!”
Alyssa Godesky

Professional Triathlete & Coach

“As a collegiate athlete, Dave helped me get prepared for my upcoming season by pushing me and being enthusiastic during each workout. He was inspiring and fun to train with. I wish he was still in New York so I could continue to train with him.”
Samantha Revera

College Field Hockey Player

“Having you as my trainer was  absolutely amazing and a blessing. Not many people like going to the gym and before meeting you I would fit into that category. During our workouts we would talk about real life stuff on a personal level and make our conversations more than about gym talk. Every time we would train it was like I was hanging out with my big brother. You helped me realize that if I wanted to lose all of my weight than I would have to know the advantages and disadvantages of eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. It wasn’t just about the gym, it was about changing my mindset. Many people can go to the gym and lose weight, but if you never fix the little voice inside your head you can never truly fix yourself. Over the course of my life I have had many trainers and on day one I knew that you were going to be the man that helped change my life.  With your help I have lost over 100 pounds and have kept all the weight off.”
Dennis Shumar

“Dave’s enthusiasm and passion for fitness is contagious which helped me push myself and reach my goals. My workouts became something I looked forward to as apposed to something I had to do. Once I experienced Dave’s skills first hand I challenged him to working with my kids to work on specific strength and conditioning for their sports. Sam, Maggie and Robbie loved their workouts with Dave, most importantly always had fun at the same time as being pushed physically. Once Anne came on the scene, I immediately saw huge potential in them working as a team. I only wish we had the opportunity to continue training with them both here in New York.”
Rob Revera

“Working with Dave and Anne Pike – DNA Movement – is like having all the pieces of my fitness and wellness puzzle come together in a fun, challenging, inspiring and healthy way.  Dave and Anne are professional, personable, non-judgmental and extremely knowledgeable in fitness, movement, nutrition and how the body moves and works.  My workouts with Dave are varied, challenging and fun!!  With just my own body, a jump rope, kettlebells and a sandbag, I get a workout that makes me sweat, gets my heart rate up, strengthens and challenges me. He has introduced me to “natural movements” that have me moving in ways I didn’t know I could.  And I love the convenience of working out in my own yard versus being in a gym or studio.  Since working with Dave,  I have become stronger, more flexible and most importantly, I understand how I should move my body during everyday activities.

Anne is the piece of the puzzle that enables me to continue doing Dave’s workouts, running regularly and feeling fantastic!  Anne has a wealth of knowledge about the human body and how it all works together.  She has alleviated some specific pain and I’ve noticed a huge difference in the way I feel overall.  She explains everything she does, always asking about the amount of pressure and has helped me understand how my body moves and works.

The team of Dave and Anne is a dream come true for me!”

Sharon Ortiz

“Words cannot express how motivating a person Dave is!! He actually made me excited about my workouts! That is huge for a person like. Me who would never normally look forward to working out! The time passed so quickly as he always made me laugh. His positivity is truly infectious! Most importantly he knew what my goals were and he helped me to achieve them. Wish he was back in New York!… Miss him!”
Shari Erlich

My wife and I came back from St. Francis Hospital, I had a mild heart attack, I was only in my 40’s.  The doctor gave me a “how to eat” list and my wife started throwing out my ice cream and cookies and called a friend who recommended a great trainer “Dave Pike”.  Now, I am not one to exercise, nor do I ever have the urge, however when I met Dave, I knew this was the guy who could help me.  Dave has a great personality and he makes the workouts fun and challenging.
He came to my house just twice a week, got me off the couch and down the basement we went.  In three months, I was able to get off of the High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol medicine.  I continued with Dave for 2 years.  He got me into the best shape of my life.  I feel like Superman LOL!  He is the BEST trainer I ever had.

Anthony Buono