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Build a foundation through fundamental movements and functional training to improve your lifestyle, level of performance and longevity.

Nurture and promote efficiency and longevity through massage and bodywork with the body in movement in mind.

Healthy. Happy. Fit. Movement.

Our Story

DNA Movement’s mission is to spread new energies for healthy human movement and performance amongst its local community and surrounding areas, for the benefit of improving the lifestyles, levels of performance and longevity of the lives of customers it serves.

A Refreshing Change

On the whole, the following three types of fitness facilities that currently serve the Charlottesville and Albermarle County area have been identified, of which DNA Movement is proud to be unique from:


      • The traditional large membership based gym – e.g. ACAC – where, the motivated go in, train in the way they feel safe and know well, leave, repeat for months or years and their fitness plateaus, whilst others motivated to change their lifestyle, join, adhere to a program for a short time, get bored or other life events crop up and the 11 months left on their membership goes to waste.
      • The ‘CrossFit’ style gym, which has become very popular very quickly, also developing into somewhat a sport of its own, but which often has a very ‘performance at all costs’ approach and associated injuries as a result.
      • Other small privately owned gyms which also have a personal and group training class structure but with more traditional style training methods and or without the offer of specialized training and massage and bodywork, completing the package.

Our Difference

Forefront of Fitness

Being at the forefront of the fitness initiative focusing on Natural Movement, for the benefit of health, vitality and human athletic potentials. The approach, based on the philosophy of how the body was designed to move and reeducating around the fundamental skills such as crawling, walking, jumping etc. DNA Movement is the first in the area to introduce this and feel the potential client base is well educated to be open to this approach.

Healthy Movement

The focus on developing healthy movement patterns as well as a well rounded strong and mobile human chassis to aid individuals to reach new potentials, recover from and prevent injuries, through sports and movement specific training and massage therapy. The owners specialist knowledge and interests in movement training, sports specific strength and conditioning particularly through functional and conventional methods, bodyweight conditioning incorporating Yoga and Pilates techniques, sports specific massage therapy and approach through structural balance of fascial tissue, will serve them in standing out and being unique in what they will offer.

Experience to Keep You Healthy & Safe

With both business owners having reached high levels in a number of sports and both continuing to be competitive in their own right and active in the local scene, reputation will serve them well in the development and growth of the business. Their energies and motivation are hugely apparent and they are truly passionate to spread this energy to motivate and inspire others to work towards their true potentials. Customers will experience Dave and Anne’s enthusiasm with the utmost professional approach to becoming more well-rounded, physically fit and healthy and to maintaining and developing this.

Individual Approach

As a whole our belief on individual attention to the development of healthy movement as well as our approachable, energetic and fun personalities, will enable long-term client success.

Dave N’ Anne

Dave Pike

Dave Pike

Personal Training & Coach

Anne Pike

Anne Pike

Massage Sports Therapy & Personal Trainer

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