This past Tuesday we had the pleasure of traveling to Davis, West Virginia to work with a kids mountain bike group, introducing some natural movement as a warm up to their skills clinic run by none other than the great Susan Haywood. Sue is a professional mountain biker, skills coach, and just overall fun person to be around.

The group we worked with consisted of around 12 five to ten year olds that were just super excited on life and riding their bikes! Their energy was amazing and certainly challenged us to bring our “A” game. We started them off with a nice warm up including some running, squatting, and crawling before getting into some playful games and a relay race before they hopped on their bikes for their skills instruction.

Natural movement warmups and play like this are a great way to introduce youngsters to what they can do off the bike to not only improve what they can do on the bike, but overall, what they can do to be a complete and healthy human being. In addition, starting them off early with a program that incorporates healthy movement patterns, will keep them active and on the bike for many years to come. Not only that, it was great to see that the fun movements intrigued the parents, such movements are great for us at any stage of our life!

Working with groups like this one always reminds us of how much fun we can have while doing something that’s good for our bodies. Being outdoors, crawling through the grass, laughing with friends-they’re all parts of what make us healthy and happy. Kids demonstrate all the things that are right about fitness. The more we can emulate what they do in our adult lives, the better off we’ll be!

Now get out there, play, laugh, and move!