So here we are! Recently purchasing a new home, a new headquarters for DNA Movement and now starting the process of creating something special!….
A process that started back on February 5th (we remember that as it was Dave’s Birthday and a last minute meeting with the bank meant a change of plans from the afternoon Bday treat of going to the movies!!), finally came to fruition at the end of June. We never thought that buying a house would be easy, and the process certainly was stressful and long, but now that it’s actually happened it feels extremely satisfying. There’s something to be said for coming home to a place that stands or falls depending on how you treat it.
As well as finding a place that we dreamt about settling into, one of the most important aspects of buying a home was to further our business. We wanted a place that would become a working headquarters for DNA Movement that showcases how we live and what we believe from a health and wellness perspective and is an environment in which we can develop our personal training and massage therapy services. We wanted a place for our clients to come that would be a little off the beaten path but which has the beauty of the outdoors surrounding us showing just how fun and rewarding it is being in a more natural environment when exercising. The body is not meant to be confined to four walls and we wanted this to come through in the character of our new home and headquarters.
Through Anne’s persistence in checking real estate listings day in and day out, months on end, we came across where we are now, a beautiful, 5 acre piece of land on the outskirts of Crozet, about 15 minutes from down town. It’s a spot that offers great land for training, wonderful views of the mountains, and quiet that only a rural setting can provide. We’re not far from being able to get up to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the area provides great roads and trails for cycling, running, hiking, and just being out in nature. There is a county park a little over a mile down the road for some immediate single track mountain gratification, or a number of other locations within a quick car ride for further wooded exploration.
The wildlife out here is abundant. Animals of all sorts from rabbits, fox, snakes, deer, and bear roam the land, providing a solid reminder that you’re not alone out here, even though you think so at times.
All in all we’re extremely excited to begin this next phase in our lives and this new step in our business. We have a lot planned for the house, the land, and DNA Movement in the coming months, so stay tuned and keep an eye out for us! We’re looking forward to bringing more health and wellness to our new little pocket of Crozet! In the mean time we are continuing to offer our services within the convenience of our clients home so keep in touch and see what we have to offer you…