Ok, full disclosure… I’m a podcast addict. Not only are they wonderful to listen to (and hopefully learn from) in the car on long or short car rides, they’re also a great way to ‘pass the time’ while out training on my bike. The chance to actually be entertained and potentially educated while getting in long, cold winter miles on the bike is about as close to multi-tasking as I get.

Recently, MovNat founder, Erwan Le Corre was on my favorite podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. MovNat forms the foundation for a lot of what we do with our personal training clients and group sessions. Both Anne and I are certified MovNat trainers, and along with other approaches believe a lot in MovNat’s method’s, theories and practices. As we preach to our clients, natural human movement is of the utmost importance to everyone, not only athletes or those that ‘work out’ on a regular basis. How we move and continually thinking about ‘mindful movement’, has implications far beyond how much weight we can lift or how fast we can run right now or in the near future. It’s about creating the opportunity for each one of us to live a long, healthier and therefore happier life.

Anyway, Erwan was a guest on a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast with a high level mixed martial arts fighter, Carlos Condit. They have been working together before Carlos’ last fight, and will continue to work together moving forward. As a result of two very high profile mixed martial arts fighters, Carlos Condit and newly crowned UFC Featherweight champion, Connor McGregor, working with two of the most highly regarded experts in the natural movement field, Erwan Le Corre and Ido Portal respectively, it is only a matter of time until the rest of the professional as well as amateur sporting world takes notice. In this episode, of course Carlos was quick to point out the benefits of his movement practices with Erwan, but what really stuck with me was something Erwan said later in the interview:

“Movement is the problem, but movement is also the antidote.”

Certainly natural human movement helps out tremendously in fixing existing problems, but thinking of movement as the root cause of those problems is interesting.

It’s easy in today’s world to think of our sedentary lifestyles as the root of all evil. It can surely be attributed to many of the problems we face, but at the same time, for those that are active and put a priority on being fit and ‘moving’ every day, poor movement can be just as dangerous as no movement. Whether you are a runner, cyclist, powerlifter, football player, or weekend warrior, your movement must be mindful and must be healthy at all times. Applying what you learn from natural human movement to whatever activity you participate will leave you being more efficient, better at whatever it is and most importantly more injury resistant. Also, as a much desired and happy benefit, your quality of life when not participating in your activity will be much increased. Talk about wins all the way around!

If you are interested in hearing from the horses mouths’, below is the episode of The Joe Rogan Experience. (As a warning, it’s approximately 3 hours long and the language at times can be offensive to some people. If you can endure both of those aspects, it’s a wonderfully insightful episode into the theories and practices of one of the world leaders in Natural Movement.)