A little review of the end of our year as we hit the New Year fresh and ready to roll!…

What a great way to finish our year, with a much awaited trip back to visit family and friends in the UK and on the way (well almost on the way!) take the opportunity to experience a little of Iceland. Why Iceland? Well why not?! And while Icelandair offer the chance to take up to 7 days in Iceland as a stopover with no extra cost to your flight it seemed like a great idea to visit a country that we had thought would be an amazing country to explore. And it was everything and more than we expected. The purest of pure air and water are a great start, throw in the beautiful scenery, the natural hot springs, plenty of fresh fish to enjoy (aside from the fermented shark, yes that was ‘interesting’!), very friendly people and add in the lazy mornings with the later sunrises we felt nicely energized after just a few days.

A couple of favorite shots from Iceland…

View across the water in the fishing village Stykkisholmur (North shore of the West coast) and fermenting shark at the Shark Museum (West coast peninsula)

IMG_1579  IMG_1591

Our walk to the lighthouse across the lava fields of Snaefellsjokull National Park and the waterfalls we found on our drive back to Reykjavik

IMG_1611  IMG_1638

A much needed bit of down time before the craziness that awaited us in the UK!!

Craziness it was but a lot of fun! We managed to pack in a huge amount within the 12 days we had, both in England and a short time in Wales. It didn’t take long to find our time being planned around family get togethers with either or all of food, walks and playing games involved. Some more photos to tell the story of our time…

Southerndown beach and windy cliff walk near Cardiff, Wales

IMG_1663  IMG_1669

Our pre-Cinderella pantomime treat with my brother and family and our Smart car (thanks to my brother for organizing) for our local get around wheels

IMG_1685  IMG_1648

Outside the Royal Crescent in Bath for our Christmas Eve day trip and our last drink with mum at my brothers pub before heading home…

IMG_1691  IMG_1721

A couple of days home now and we are fully energized, heading into 2016 with exciting times ahead. Wishing everyone a fantastic start to this New Year and look forward to moving and working with you very soon…

Dave and Anne