The last week has been a very exciting one for us here at DNA Movement. We’ve had the pleasure to coach two wonderful groups of people, sharing our passion for healthy movement and reminding them of ways to move that they may have forgotten about.

On Wednesday of last week, we had the chance to meet with a group of runners from our favorite local running shop, Crozet Running. The focus of our clinic was to relate to them the fact that running needs to be supplemented with different movements to keep your body healthy. Obviously, the act of running involves thousands and thousands of footfalls, all directed in the same plain, propelling you forward. Though there are more than a few healthy benefits of this particular form of movement, like all others, if it makes up the majority of your movement practice, there are going to be some holes you’re going to need to fill. Just as you need a balanced diet of nutrients, so too do you need a balanced diet of movement. Challenging these runners to some natural movement activities such as crawling and jumping and then inspiring them to take these skills and move laterally, gave them a taste of what can constitute a more balanced movement practice, thus eventually leading to less injuries doing the sport they love and a healthier body with which to to it!

Crozet session 2

Later in the week, on Sunday, we began a program that we’re conducting with the local Charlottesville Triathlon Club. The club consists of various athletes, all of different ages, abilities, genders, and goals. Because this will be a weekly meet up, we’re able to dive into movement with more detail than we were in our running clinic. Being able to focus on one or two skills each session gives us the chance to bring as much quality to the table as we can. After all, quality is paramount when it comes to ANY movement endeavor. Whether you’re moving your bodyweight or moving an external weight, quality is always the most important part of the equation. Just as we did with the runners, we were able to challenge the triathletes (another sport that involves, in this case, three very repetitive movement practices) to move differently, giving them more balance in their training regimens and to as importantly highlight to them where their weaknesses lie, ultimately helping them become more mindful of their own body and movement through space.

Moving forward, we also have another exciting group coming up. This week, we’ll be meeting with another group of school aged athletes, the Cutaway Youth Mountain Bike Team. Just as we did with the Monticello High School Mountain Bike Team, we’ll use this opportunity to teach the team to move using only their bodies, better preparing them for a sport that can be repetitive as well. We’re always excited to work with kids as they soak things up like a sponge and if we can teach them to move well from the beginning, odds are they’re going to have much healthier movement as they get older. These are truly opportunities we cherish!

All in all it’s a very exciting and rewarding time for us. We’re looking forward to more coaching with these groups and others, helping to spread the message of healthy movement and healthy living! What a great time it is to get out and move!

Dave and Anne