“Coaching doesn’t start with you turning up with your hands clasped around the coffee you bought on your way to work in the morning as you rush through the door in an effort to be on time for the first session. It began well before when you woke in an un-rushed state and calmly began your morning thinking about all the clients you’d be seeing that morning and what individual problems they all face.” – Andrew Read

I try and do this consistently in the coaching and training of my clients. I’ll make a point to wake up at least two hours before a morning client (no matter the starting time), just to think through what I have planned for the day and whether or not it’s appropriate for that particular person. It’s not just about showing up and training people. You’re not just working only the hour you’re with a client. You need to be on it 24/7. Often times the most important thoughts I have about how I can be a better coach to my clients comes at times when I’m off-shopping for groceries, riding my bike, trail running, etc. As so finely put above by Andrew Read, the point is you need to be thoughtful in your work. There’s no such thing as plug and play coaching and personal training.